Thursday, June 18, 2009

What We Really Need Is An Earth-shattering Holy Ghost Awakening

..... all across our country and a wakeup call to every dead minister behind the pulpit.

..... to shake the foundations of every spiritually dead church.

..... to bring alive the weak-kneed, backboneless so called man of God who does nothing for the glory of God, get him out of his heathen pride, and make him get busy for the Lord to win souls for Christ.

..... slap the backslidden Christian to reality and bring him/her back to Jesus' arms.

..... for the Holy Spirit to convict all those prideful and black hearts, break their wickedness and open themselves up so that the glory of the Lord can shine in.

..... for the Christians to get right with God for the last time and live for Him till their death or till the Lord comes back in all His glory.

..... and offend everyone with the preaching of God's Word to humble them to their dirty knees and cry out, "Have mercy on me, dear Lord" with tears of repentance, then tears of joy as they accept Christ as their personal Saviour, whooooooooo.

..... to shatter and break the hearts of the rebellious reprobates, the hypocritical heathens and self-righteous mockers of God so that they may be convicted and saved to be with our Lord in heaven forever.

..... to make the new Christians know they are someone special to the Lord and realize they can be used mightily by the Lord if they are not and will not be swayed by the personal opinions of others when it comes to the WORD of God, His precious King James Bible.

..... to bring revival back here, to have God step down from heaven and put His hand and fire in each of us to serve Him more than what we do.

..... to keep us from mocking God by the other heathens’ perverted ungodly versions that are being used for the glory of man.

c June 2009 mike carey

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