Friday, June 19, 2009

The Difference Between A Sissy And A Prissy

Sissy is a man who has long hair. 1 Cor.11:14

Prissy is a woman who has short hair. 1 Cor.11:15

Sissy is the man who rebels against what the Bible says about men having short hair, and not long.

Prissy is the woman who rebels against what the Bible says about women having long hair, and not short.

Sissy is the man behind the pulpit who never preaches, but licks up the fond words of the congregation to swell himself full of pride and to make him look good to himself and others. Prov.16:5

Prissy is for the woman to shave her head when she has no life threatening disease, that otherwise she would have to I.E. cancer.

Sissy is the man who calls himself a Christian, yet his hair looks like a mop and he refuses to do anything about it, he is a rebel of the devil and a sin to God.

Prissy is the woman who refuses to hear and believe what the Bible says about her, her attitude, her worldly ways, how she dresses, her hair, her liberal attitude, and her behavior around others. Check out Proverbs 31. A real woman is described in that chapter, and it is not the chapter for the foolish and contentious woman nor does it describe a worldly carnal lady, but a Christian woman. Read it and weep. Read also Prov. 9:13.

Sissy is the man whose hindsight is as blind as his foresight as he allows his wolf (wife) to dictate to him how their home should be run, instead of standing up; and living and being the Godly example to his wife that he needs to be. Eph. 5:22, 23

Prissy is the woman who thinks she knows it all and seduces men to get her own way. Look up Proverbs 9:13, ladies and get verrrrrry angry. Amen!

Sissy is the man who is full of pride and thinks he is a good and gracious man whom all adores and likes. Think again hypocrite. Check out Proverbs 13:10,16:5

Prissy is the woman who plays the harlot and at the same time thinks she is sweet and innocent of all wrongdoing. Read Prov. 7

Sissy is the man who claims to be Godly, his ways are the ways of self-righteousness, his thoughts are of good, and his tongue is pure. Check out Proverbs 16:27, wicked one.

Prissy is the woman whose heart is full of desire and wickedness as she plays on the emotions of men that destroys them.

Sissy is the man who speaks boastful and prideful things about others in front of them, then talks unkindly of them behind their backs later. Read this, Mr. Perfect. Proverbs 10:18

Prissy is the woman and Sissy is the man who is full of noise, acts foolish, can't keep quiet and who loves speaking all his or her mind, won't take long for that, will it minute or so? Read Proverbs 29:11. This scripture applies to both men and women.

Sissy is the man whose mouth is full of fire, blasphemy and cursing; and that doing that makes him a big man and important to himself. Your mouth is vile, malicious, evil, and abomination to the Lord. Read Exodus 20:7, Ps. 34:13, James 3:8. Same to you women, too.

Prissy is the woman who thinks she is called by God to preach. Really? Check this out, you liberated liberal. 1 Cor. 14:34, 35; 1 Tim. 2:11-15, and don't take these verses out of context which most do.

Sissy is the man who calls Jesus a liar saying he drank alcoholic wine, so you justify your own damnable drinking by taking out of context the verses that God condemns drinking? Fool. Read this. Prov. 20:1, 23:29-35, 31:4-7, Hab. 2:5, 15, 16.

Prissy is the woman who thinks the same above and never learns because she is too gullible to find these things out for herself, so she listens to some man or so-called minister who knows nothing. Read the verses above ladies. If you don't believe or get mad, that tells us all you have a liberal attitude and are probably a liberal Christian also, as you reject and deny what the Bible teaches on and preaches against such things. No one calls Jesus or God a liar and gets away with it. Rom. 3:4, Heb. 9:27

(c) June 2009, Mike Carey

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