Monday, June 15, 2009

Jesus Christ

J -------- is my joy and the joy of my salvation. He is my all in all, my one and only.
E -------- He is all I ever need. He means everything to me. He is excellent and His mercy endures forever.
S -------- I am His servant and I serve only one Master. He is the sweetness that I desire and crave for. He is the Son of God and He puts as song in my heart.
U -------- He understands me better than anyone on earth and He gives me unction.
S -------- His free gift of eternal salvation is just a call away. My Saviour who fulfills my needs, He saved me from hell and His condemnation.

C -------- I cast my cares on Him for He careth for me. He is compassionate and He is my comfort.
H -------- He is my high tower. When I am low, His arms lifts me high. I'll see Him soon in heaven. He hearkens to my voice in my time of desperate need and when I am truly humbled.
R -------- He is holy, just, and righteous. He restoreth my soul and He is my blessed Redeemer.
I -------- With Him nothing is impossible. I am His instrument for Him to use. I love Him because He first loved me.
S -------- His blood cleanses me from all sins. When I repent after I sin, He showers me with His blessings.
T -------- A taste of Him and you'll want more and more. I do. When I thirst, He fills me. He is truth.

Copyright June 2009, Mike Carey

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