Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Don't Call Yourself a Christian If...

Don't call yourself a Christian if....

...you won't and don't go to church.
...you do go once a week and won't make an attempt to go more.
...you dress up Sunday, go to church, then act like the world once you leave.
...you praise the Lord, then a few minutes later curse and blaspheme His Holy Name.

...you go to church yet won't support the local Pastor and his family, yet you support other worldly things such as the liquor store and bars that sell it.

...you believe tithing is a thing of the past.

...you refuse to believe that God has an inspired Bible, the KJB.
...you read other versions and think that will make you spiritual.
...you don't know what the word Christian means.

...you say you are saved and one, yet show no outward proof of it a year or so later.

...you actually are one, yet hang around the ungodly and wicked people of the world.
...you are not one, just because others may be, does not mean you are one.
...you continue to smoke and drink.

...you don't live according to God's commandments.
...you think by doing good works you will go to heaven and get rewards.
...you do absolutely nothing for the cause of Christ.
...you have a problem with me being one (a true christian).
...you do not go or will not go witnessing.
...you don't act like one, live like one, talk like one, walk like one, dress like one.

...you continue to dress like a freak and wear clothes unbecoming to your person.
...you dress like a whore and try to be appealing to men.

Copyright June 2009, Mike Carey

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